• 25 sierpnia 2017
    Aircraft arrivals AIR SHOW 2017 Feel invited to watch the relation from aircraft arrivals at Radom airport:
  • 25 sierpnia 2017
    „Your blood- the gift of life” The Military Blood Donation and Transfusion Medicine Center from Warsaw, together with Regional Blood Donation and Transfusion Center from Radom encourage all people to donate blood during International Air ...
  • 25 sierpnia 2017
    The history of Polish „wings” has often proved the courage, bravery and intelligence of its pilots. Similar features of personality were presented by Capt. pil. Franciszek Żwirko and engineer Stanisław Wigura – winners of International ...
  • 23 sierpnia 2017
    Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to inform that the website eBilet.pl, acting on behalf of AIR SHOW Organisational Office finished the distribution of free entrance tickets to International AIR SHOW 2017. The tickets WILL ...
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