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At this year’s edition of the AIR SHOW, besides the preformances in the air, static exhibit of aircrafts and helicopters and presentation of radars and missile launchers (in which units of Air Force are equipped), the audience will be albe to see a rich exposure of equipment of our units of the Land Forces, Navy and Special Forces.

Like two years ago, the visitors will be able to look at the modern military technology and individual equipment of soldiers, usually inaccessible to the public. Static exhibits of weapons and equipment of the Polish Army, among others, Rosomak/Wolverine transporter, Leopard tank and PT-91 tanks, the HMMVW, BRDM-2, M-ATV vehicles, radar station and missile launchers, sapper robots, diving sets, unmanned underwater vehicles and reconnaissance systems, video surveillance equipment and equipment of special units certainly will be a great attraction for lovers of armed forces.

Due to the simultaneous engagement of forces and means from many military units from around the country this year's air show will be in this respect a unique event. Certainly, this will be one of the few opportunities to see up close modern military equipment, have an opportunity to take pictures of it and establish direct contact with soldiers serving it.

In Radom everyone will be able to see how much the armament of the Polish Armed Forces has changed.


Maj. Mirosław Fryga

Lt Col. Artur Goławski
Maj. Dariusz Urban
Capt. Dariusz Kurowski
WO. Rafał Mniedło 
PFC. Łukasz Kermel 
Mirosław Wójtowicz

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