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The idea of the air show in international make-up was revived in 1991. At Poznań Ławica Airport,duringthe Feast of Aviation, aviation fans could admire  air show displays and static exhibitions of aircraft from the United States, France, Britain, the USSR and of course Poland. In air displays presented themselves: F-16 and F-15 from the USA, Mirage 2000 from France, Tornado from the UK, Su-27 from the USSR, as well as numerous Polish military and civil aircraft and helicopters.

26 - 27/8/1995 Dęblin

Another global aviation gala took place at the airport of ‘Eaglets School’ in Dęblin in 1995. These shows have accumulated the highest number of domestic and foreign aerobatic teams that Polish audience have ever watched. More than sixty airplanes and helicopters taking part in displays on the ground and in the air made military pilots shown their artistry and presented a new technology. Air displays began with the dog fight of Polish MiG - 29 and MiG - 23, introducing the audience gathered in an atmosphere of great spectacle.

It was first time when Polish aerobatic team "Iskry", in the number of six aircraft, presented itself. Their performance was enthusiastically received by the audience. The attractiveness of displays raised because of white - red aircraft painting, made according to the design Lt. Col. pil. Ireneusz Fibinger. Also, for the first time presented itself, in 6-minute program, aerobatic team of MiG-29 from Minsk Mazowiecki.

Next Air Festival was held in Bydgoszcz in 1996 and coincided with the celebration of 650. anniversary of the city. And although - according to some participants - "Bydgoszcz surprised with nothing," the audience saw interesting spectacle which presented, among others, nine-aircraft team "Sparks", four-aircraft team of MiG – 29s and four-aircraft team of Mi – 24s, as well as Harrier, Tornado, Mirage 2000, F-16 and F-18.

Air show in 1998 took place in the 80. anniversary of Polish Air Force. On this occasion we hosted in  country and on the Air Show participants of the World Congress of Polish Airmen. During displays, their skills presented pilots from nine countries: the Czech Republic, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, Sweden, Great Britain and Italy. For the first time in Poland, we saw a fighter - bomber Su-25 in colours of the Czech Republic, Spanish CASA CN 235, German F-4F Phantom and C-160 Transall and Italian Alenia - G-222. The shows were another opportunity to showcase the advantages of multi-role combat aircraft, which purchase Poland would ponder in near future. The spectacular aerobatics displays were presented by Mirage 2000 - 5, F-16 and Gripen. The biggest emotions the audience felt during displays of air aerobatics teams.

Air Show in Radom

The year 2000 is an important date in the history of the International AIR SHOW in Poland. In this year displays were organized for the first time at Radom airport and become a regular event. The shows were closely connected with the VIII International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce. Also gathered the biggest manufacturers of helicopters and airplanes.

Air show in 2001 took place on 7th and 8th of September. In this Air Show participated teams from ten countries: Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden, the United States, Britain, Italy and - of course - Poland. On static exhibition and in the air displays were presented over a hundred aircraft and helicopters. In the air were showcased seven aerobatic teams. Each of them has shown incredible precision.

Show in 2002 took place in a specific atmosphere preceding the tender for multi-purpose aircraft for the Polish Air Force. At the start they stood main contenders: F-16, Gripen and Mirage 2000 . There were a lot to admire, performance of each of them could be the pride of the most attractive air show. The air evolutions also presented a British Tornado, Sea Harrier, Polish SU-22M4, MiG - 29 and MiG - 21. During the Show there were no other foreign aerobatic teams, but they have been successfully replaced by Polish teams: ‘Iskry’, ‘Orliki’, a helicopter ballet of four Mi-24s and the ‘Żelazny’ team. Numerous sport aviation representatives showed their areobatic displays.

Air show in 2003 took place in the 8.5 anniversary of Polish Air Force and 100.  anniversary of international aviation. Again, we hosted veterans from the World Congress of Polish Airmen. During displays were flying pilots from fifteen countries: Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, the USA, Great Britain, Italy and Poland. It was the first time when Polish audience had an oportunity to see the representative of the British aviation aerobatic team "Red Arrows". In their emblem are nine planes in "diamond" formation, which has become a hallmark of the team.

Organized after two-year break airshow in 2005 gathered more than 170 thousand spectators. Static exhibitions and air shows presented twelve national teams from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, the United States, Hungary, the UK and Poland. The biggest attraction were the aerobatic teams. In individual shows we could admire F-16, Mirage 2000 Gripen, MiG - 29, L-159 and many other aircraft and helicopters including historical and military aircraft.

International Air Show in 2007 took place on 1st and 2nd of September in Radom. As first presented themselfes jumpers from Training Centre of Height-Rescue Centre from Bydgoszcz - they jumped with flags of countries, which particiapted in this event. In the next few minutes the audience could see simulated air fight of four MiG – 29s from Minsk Mazowiecki and the Czech Gripen.

AIR SHOW in 2009 was to be a great attraction for the public. During displays was flying British aerobatic team "Red Arrows", which confirmed its class. Unfortunately, there occured an accident -Su-27 aircraft of the Air Force of Belarus crushed, a crew of two pilots died.

AIR SHOW held in 2011, gathered at the airport in Radom 180 aircraft. Four foreign and two Polish aerobatic teams took part in it.


In 2013 air displays was watched by about 180 thousand people. For comparison: Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford in the UK last year was seen by 130 thousand visitors. About safety of spectators of AIR SHOW 2013 took care 350 officers and employees: the gendarmerie, police, border guards, municipal police, firefighters and state security agencies Alpha. The health of audience was watched by 27 military doctors, nurses and paramedics with 8 medical cars.

The organizers used 125 vehicles, including 14 buses. During the training sessions and displays pilots used 747 tons of aviation fuel, more than 16 tons of diesel fuel, more than 3 tons of aviation petrol.

We accommodated in Radom and in a radius of 60 km from the city - in 36 buildings, including hotels, dormitories, training centers, farm houses, youth hostels and barracks buildings - 1669 people, including 401 guests from abroad. Organizers and participants of AIR SHOW 2013 were nursed by two canteens. They prepared, in that weekend full of aviation, more than 9 000 meals, including about one tonne of bread and tons of vegetables.

The visitors of AIR SHOW 2013 could visit:

• 3 photographic exhibitions,

• 22 promotional stands,

• 35 catering stalls,

• 36 trade stands,

• 66 other stands.

At the static exhibition - available for visitors – we presented 46 aircraft and helicopters. In the air presented themselfes - on Saturday 56 and Sunday 54 aircraft (excluding participants in the parade). We hosted a total numer of 216 planes and helicopters representing 20 countries. This result is similar to the RIAT - 230 planes and helicopters from 19 countries.

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